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U of C Captures 3rd Place!

After running into a broken ski the day before race day, the U of C team was still able to prevail and bring home 3rd place at GNCTR 2017 in Winnipeg, MB! This now marks the third year in a row that U of C has reached the podium. A special thank you goes out to the Schulich School of Engineering, and all of our generous sponsors for making this dream a reality!


U of C Wins it all!!!!

The Schulich School of Engineering has won the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race 2015! The team is coming back with 6 separate awards, including the top three coveted awards; the Spirit award, winner of the King of the Hill competition, and 1st place overall. A huge thank you to everyone who helped get us to this point. Thank you to our sponsors who have supported us all the way through this season. Thank you to the Schulich School of Engineering who have backed us and assisted us with anything we needed to win this year. But most of all thank you to each of our team members both competing and non competing. Without all of your help this would have never been possible!

The competition officially beings

Sled load? Check! Technical Exhibit stashed? Yup! Costumes sewn together? Oh Yea! Everyone’s on the bus and ready to go to GNCTR 2015 in Kelowna, B.C. With so many hours logged into this competition, it seemed that this day would never come. But finally it’s here and the U of C is ready to win it all at this years competition! Thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors that have got us to this point. We promise that we won’t disappoint you!

Test run inspiring confidence in the team

Photo Credit to John Roxas

With 20 days left until the start of the competition, the GNCTR crew begins there first round of testing the sled. For the most 1459318_10152446837601548_2985734309669392320_npart testing went great, the maximum speed obtained was approximately 30 km/h, which was expected on a hill half of the regulation size. The steering system provides great maneuverability while the braking system gave us a solid stopping distance. Unfortunately this also lead to the realization that our breaks have the potential to be damaged at this swift stopping time.

The second testing day occurred 7 days later, this time gave the team an opportunity to reevaluate the breaking s10896830_10152446838251548_6476286546929234739_nystem and upgraded it to prevent the braking failure that occurred on the first testing day. This time around the team opted for a more realistic testing environment, utilizing a hill that was much more similar to the real testing conditions. Armed with a go pro that had the ability to give us an approximate speed, the sled was able to reach a top speed of 44 km/h. The steering system still preformed at optimal efficiency. This week long time lap also proved to be a productive usage of time as the breaks never failed after this point in time.

With the road to Kelowna drawing to a close, many details still need to be finalized, but after this excellent testing day, the team decided that the sled was ready for the competition. Armed with something that is much more functional than a paper weight, the Raiders have officially developed a race ready sled for GNCTR 2015           unnamed (1)


Sled almost constructed

It has been a long road to this point, but the superstructure and the concrete slabs have been merged together. The Slabsuperstructure has been fully constructed, the bottom of both the front skis as well as the slab have been waxed with only the finest ski waxes and the braking sysunnamedtem has been fully rigged for optimal performance. The sitting area has been outfitted using spray foam which also is binding the concrete and the base of the superstructure. This  foam also will provided the riders with excellent comfort and extra protection. After all this time the sled is almost ready for its first official test run.


Concrete Team Is Making Huge Strides Towards Success

After some intense lab time and extensive research, the concrete team has finally decided on the mix we will be using for the 2015 competition. With this prominent mix, the Schulich team is very confident to display its abilities in this years competition.

Though this mix would be meaningless without appropriate form work to give it shape. Luckily our concrete exec, Eric Mitchell, has made amazing forms to sculpt the concrete into two forward skis and one gigantic slabs in the rear, as pictured below. Perfect forms for a perfect mix.

fabd918e2b5d4f86d0bde01d8bc0c706photo 2

The practice pour for the forms commenced this Monday (December 1st 2014) and the results where outstanding. As you can see from the pictures provided, the slab and skis came out fully intact. With this momentum carrying us forward, the concrete team is right on track for producing a great final pour on December 8th!

photo 1

Tech Ex Looking Great

October 25th was the first construction day for the Technical Exhibit. Construction started at 10:00 AM with the building IMG_4642team that consists of Jordan, Matt, John and Davide. After hours of hard work and a small pizza break the team was able to complete the structure. November 22nd was the second construction day for the Technical Exhibit. With a building team consisting of Jordan, John, Davide, and Sahil, the team began painting the Exhibit and preparing it for competition. Excellent job by everyone involved, and we cannot wait for the final product.

We would like to extend a special thanks to John Kirkland and EllisDon. John helped us out by answering questions and allowing us to use his garage. While EllisDon was generous enough to supply us with the material needed to construct the Technical Exhibit.