The team and the slab

Concrete Team Is Making Huge Strides Towards Success

After some intense lab time and extensive research, the concrete team has finally decided on the mix we will be using for the 2015 competition. With this prominent mix, the Schulich team is very confident to display its abilities in this years competition.

Though this mix would be meaningless without appropriate form work to give it shape. Luckily our concrete exec, Eric Mitchell, has made amazing forms to sculpt the concrete into two forward skis and one gigantic slabs in the rear, as pictured below. Perfect forms for a perfect mix.

fabd918e2b5d4f86d0bde01d8bc0c706photo 2

The practice pour for the forms commenced this Monday (December 1st 2014) and the results where outstanding. As you can see from the pictures provided, the slab and skis came out fully intact. With this momentum carrying us forward, the concrete team is right on track for producing a great final pour on December 8th!

photo 1

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